About Us 

Today, it has become a tedious task to find trusted, skilled and competent professionals for maintenance activities in our households and office premises. Not every individual is skilled enough to deal with the issue. Moreover, many of the personnel overcharge their customers for no valid reason. To get the right service at an affordable amount, Topbaas will address this issue and aims to provide a unique service to Western province households via web and mobile application. Topbass is a unique organization and in the inception it will be operationalized only in the Colombo district and subsequently its services will be extended in future.


The organization also intends to form strategic partnerships with raw material providers such as cement, sand, steel, pipes, paint, electrical items, aluminium and service providers such as banks and credit card companies to create an integrated supply chain. Both customer and professionals are required to register with the company while Topbaas acts as an intermediary between the two parties. Once the task is completed, customers are provided with the flexibility of rating the company’s contracted professionals where this in return motivate professionals and help create a culture of trust among company’s customer base.


“To be a world class maintenance and construction service provider”


“To provide responsible and professional premium quality maintenance services to households and corporate through related construction work and managing repairs by constantly improving and ensuring business profitability”